Automated Production

Using robots ( CNC , CMS ) to trim , dril and polish the spa , increased our efficiency and allows us to plan even the smallest detail of the production process in advance and automate .
Using EMS , RGV , AGV transporting system to move the spas and shells from different stations , this guarantees perfect logistics and quality control of every produced spa , which has also reduced our production costs , leading us a competitive price .

R & D

E-glass spray up roving is a multi-end product and uses a special sizing.These products are suitable for FRP spray up forming process .
The typical products are boats , marine accessories , automotiveaccessories,bathtubs,bathroom appliances,storage tanks,etc.The roll should be pulled from the " inside " in most cases , but can be puled from the “outside”when a hard core is used .
Product Characteristics

1.Tex is stable with uniform strand splitting .

2.Medium stiffness , good chop ability and good chopped strand dispersion .

3. Low FuzZ .

4. Good anti - static properties .

5. Quick resin wet out and easy air release

Technical Specifications
R2o Content<0.8%
Coupling Agent Silane
Compatible Resin Polyester
Filament Diameter13 μm
Moisture Content≤0.2%

Special four layer shell
American made Aristech acrylic for a beautiful finish . Pure vinyl ester resin for unsurpassed adhesion and waterproofing. Marine grade resin with glass fibre for torsional strength .Polyceramic resin for absolute rigidity .

Modern design and attractive appearance ensures perfect technical presentation 

The size of each seat has been carefuly studied according to European body stan - dards .

A space is delimited for each of the places with an enveloping effect so that your body adheres to the contours and comfortably hugs the seat and jets .


Using state-of-the-art technology entirely robotized in a latest generation factory. To obtain the highest levels of warranty, we use the best components in all stages of industrialization.
Using the best materials in all stages of the manufacture, we can offer the best guarantees on the market and a perfect hold over time.

Process Details